About us

The colorful and exuberant world of Malafimmina is a tribute to femininity and the joy of living, for you to embody the dreams of every woman.


Capturing the spirit of the territory in which it is born, our creations are inspired by the sunshine and the sparkling nature of the Sicilian land. A work of craftsmanship, which takes the value of tradition and combines it with a passion. The attitude is open to innovations and always attentive to the continuous changes of the style nationally and internationally. Malafimmina creates special collections, with a taste young but elegant, original but long-lasting. The company takes care of every project, from concept to final realization.


Internal staff, and owners, comprise a team of women only. There is a goldsmith specialized in each phase of the process, from design to modeling in wax, from casting to perfecting the right shade with glazes. The jewelry of Malafimmina arrives to its finished state from the constant care in the choice of materials, from the selection of stones, the attention to detailed aspects of light and color, and the use of the most sophisticated methods of workmanship.

This is how the collections of 18 karat gold, 0.925 sterling silver, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and hand-mixed enamels are assembled. Exclusive jewelry that have been able to evolve in a few years, making Malafimmina a respected name in the jewellery business. This has allowed the company to attend major exhibitions in the gold sector both in Italy and abroad.


The skilled hands of Malafimmina draw, model, merge, create … and the result is jewelry that is full of personality; whimsical and never predictable.

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