Le Malafimmine

From the Management to the Staff, Malafimmina is a project created by woman for woman.

A story of talent

It all comes from Lucia Aleccia who, having returned to Sicily after a series of study and work experiences in the Veneto region, set up her first craft workshop in 2002.
After a few years, together with her sister Virginia, the workshop becomes a real Maison dedicated to the creation of jewels according to the best goldsmith tradition made in Italy. MALAFIMMINA is born!

The creative talent of Lucia and the strong-willed and decisive attitude of Virginia, who has always been the commercial soul of the company, created a perfect combination of temperament and professionalism which is completed in 2016 with the arrival of Marta Frigato as Marketing Director.

In recent years MALAFIMMINA has spread to many jewelries throughout the country.
Design, research, knowledge, passion: all this is MALAFIMMINA.