Energy, elegance, passion, lifestyles: the Sicily of Malafimmina is made up of all this.

Sicily, Our inspiration

Sicily is a land famous for its history, its culture, its beautiful nature, its wonderful places, an unparalleled heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world. In this beautiful territory everything becomes unique: the colors of the Mediterranean, the beauty of the sky, the ancient traditions, the passion of the people, and everything turns every time into an experience that marks the heart and soul of all those who choose the island to live or to visit just for a few days.

Sicilian mood

Being Sicilian means having inside a happy mixture of beauty, talent and culture, that “Sicilianity” that has made the “Sicilian Mood” a distinguished sign of contemporaneity, harmony and joy of living.


Every single jewel of Malafimmina is all this.

Everything is made by our workers, each of our jewels embodies the best vibrations of this beautiful territory, the best values of our people, together with all the strength of an art less and less practiced and therefore more and more extraordinary.

All women who choose a Malafimmina jewel will always wear a tiny piece of Sicilian soul.