Our lab. Where everything happens.

The Malafimimina collections, always conceived as exclusive works, are born from our imagination and are transformed into timeless jewels with absolute charm.


We always start from DRAWING, where inspiration and idea became a shape.


Immediately after, here is the “ALBERELLO”, ready for the plaster cast and the subsequent wax casting.


Fire, the gold that melts and takes shape is the phase of REALIZATION.


With PROCESSING the initial design becomes matter, object, it is almost a jewel already.


SETTING is the phase of light reflections, colors, everything is assembled, everything excites.


With the FINISHING / POLISHING we are now at the end, the jewel is ready, it shines.

Together with Lucia, Virginia and Marta a team of proven talented women have been collaborating for years, who every day strive to make Malafimmina a brand of absolute quality.
Cinzia Asaro: jewels designer, master goldsmith, and Production Manager.
Laura Cammisa: graduated from DAMS ARTE, is delegated to the selection of stones and quality control and performs the function of wax modeler.
Gabriella Riccobono:master goldsmith graduated from the School of Art, specializes in coral cutting and is responsible for the finishing phase of the jewel.